Nanoleaf PAR38 Spotlight

Make beautiful objects breathtaking. Utilizing a  special  'Trifecta'  technology developed exclusively by Nanoleaf, the PAR38 LED spotlight excels in three critical categories to achieve great lighting: a smooth beam angle, exceptional color rendering index (CRI) and unrivaled energy efficiency.  The Nanoleaf PAR38 is an artist’s tool that focuses on the principles of emphasis, balance and harmony to create the highest quality LED lighting conditions possible. The PAR38 helps you shine a light on the perfection of your subject, and enhances your life's work

  • Winner of the Technical Progress Award 2015 from the Illuminating Engineering Society 
  • 1200 Lumen output using a mere 15W of energy, equivalent to 120W
  • CRI > 90, transform everyday objects from ordinary to outstanding
  • Crisp 20 degree beam angle and 3000K temperature
  • 27 year life span (30,000 hours)
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