Moomin Bulb

This unique Moomin edition LED light bulb is detailed with adorable Moomin characters on the bulb’s surface and comes in eco-friendly Moomin-themed packaging, making it the most lovable LED light bulb to have ever illuminated the world. Get this collector’s edition bulb while supplies last, and light up your life in the most adorable way!

Nanoleaf Bloom: Exclusive Dim+ technology: dim the Nanoleaf Smart Ivy without a dimming switch.

  • The ultimate Moomin lover’s LED light bulb! 
  • Exclusive Dim+ technology: dim the Nanoleaf Moomin Bloom without a dimming switch.
  • World's most energy efficient light bulb – saves you over $100 per year
  • A 75W equivalent that uses only 10W of energy
  • 27.5 year lifespan – the last bulb you’ll ever buy
  • Self-reinforcing, high strength design means no more broken bulbs
  • Special night-time mode uses less than half a watt of energy - virtually nothing at all!
  • Comes in E26/120V bulb base 
  • To purchase the E27 base bulbs for Europe please visit our Scandinavian partner’s site:


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