Love Bulb

This collector's edition Nanoleaf Bloom LED light bulb is the most unique gift you can give your someone special on any occasion! Lasts longer than chocolates and flowers, and so much more memorable. Say goodbye to being generic, and show people just how thoughtful and out of the box your gift-giving can be.

With its special Dim+ technology (dims down using just a regular ON/OFF light switch), the Love Bulb lets you set the ideal mood - whether that be an intimate dinner in, Netflix and chill time, or getting cozy and hanging out with friends. 

  • Show off the design with our Lamp Base or Hanging Pendant
  • Exclusive Dim+ technology: dim the Nanoleaf Bloom Love Bulb without a dimming switch.
  • Unrivaled energy efficiency saves over $100 per year
  • 27.5 year lifespan, the last LED light bulb you’ll ever buy
  • Self-reinforcing design means no more broken bulbs
  • Special night-time mode feature (flick switch ON/OFF/ON) for the perfect night light

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