Red Maple Bloom

You're looking for something unique, something different, something that stands out from the crowd, and we dig that. That's why we created the limited edition Red Maple Leaf Bloom LED light bulb. It's the perfect gift to showcase your exquisite taste, and it's the perfect LED light bulb for expressing your Canadian pride at home.

  • This limited edition of the award-winning Nanoleaf Bloom bulb is perfect for those who want to give a gift that stands out from the crowd, or someone who wants their individuality to shine  
  • Exclusive Dim+ technology: dim the Nanoleaf Red Maple Bloom without a dimming switch.
  • World's most energy efficient LED light bulb
  • A 75W equivalent that uses only 10W of energy
  • 27.5 year lifespan – the last bulb you’ll ever want
  • Self-reinforcing, high strength design means no more broken bulbs
  • Special night-time mode uses less than half a watt of energy - virtually nothing at all!
  • Comes in E26/120V bulb base 





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